IHC FUNDEX F3500 - used drilling rig

The IHC FUNDEX F3500 is one of the larger machines in the range of IHC FUNDEX multifunctional foundation rigs. The F3500 is used for a variety of drilling and pile-driving methods such as soil displacement drilling, CFA drilling, cast-in-situ and pre-cast pile-driving. 

The advantages of the F3500 multifunctional foundation rig are:

  • the cabin that can be swivelled out provides a good view of the work
  • the extension pieces for the leader are fed in from the bottom, which is beneficial in limited spaces
  • the strong tubular leader is suitable for torque of 500kNm over the entire length

Technical specifications:


DEUTZ Tier 3, 6 cylinder

Engine power

275 hp / 205 kW

Year of manufacture


Working hours

8.200 H

Hydraulic pump

Bosch-Rexroth, max. 275 - 300 l/min. at 320 bar


1 x 15 tonnes (vertical movement of the leader)
1 x 12.5 tonnes (pull up)
1 x 12.5 tonnes (pull down or pile winch)
1 x 5 tonnes (auxiliary winch for rotating jib)
1 x 5 tonnes (pile winch)
1 x 1.5 tonnes (auxiliary winch)
1 x 0.9 tonnes (lift winch)

Pull down capacity

50 tons

Pull up capacity

100 tons with 35 metres long leader
80 tons if 40 metres

Length of leader

minimum 25 metres (82 ft)
standard 35 metres (114.8 ft)
optional 40 metres (131.2 ft)

Sliding table

has travel of 1.500 mm (4.9 ft)


IHC FUNDEX FDE45HS rotary head

IHC FUNDEX FPP565 power pack 

with Volvo engine TAD 1643VE 565kW


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