IHC FUNDEX FDE45 - used rotary head

Technical specifications:                                                                                   Contact us

Year of manufacture

2003 - technically checked and repainted in 2018!

Serial number


Max. torque

450 kNm

Number of hydraulic connections

4 at right side and 4 at left side

(can be connected at both sides)

Leader guidance

720 or 760 mm

Sizes (L x W x H)

2100 x 2500 x 2700 mm


7500 kg


can be used for IHC FUNDEX or other branded rigs


Soil displacement and CFA-drilling

Connection with casing

by means of IHC FUNDEX FDE connical connector or IHC FUNDEX FCS clamping system

Connection with auger

by means of IHC FUNDEX FDE connical connector and welded HEX-coupling



€ 65.000

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