IHC FUNDEX CP25D - compact piling rig (new)

The IHC FUNDEX CP25D is a compact piling machine for installing various piles in places where space and height are limited. Despite the compact design the machine is powerful and equipped with an automatic piling winch for a maximum drop weight of 2.500 kg. An optional hydraulic impact hammer of the CPE series enables the machine to do top drive piling as well.  

The advantages of the CP25D:

  • suitable for restricted access sites;
  • sectional leader set-up enables optimum length for every job site;
  • optional telescopic leader enables quick conversion to optimum leader length;
  • operated with a remote control which gives the operator an optimum view of the pile installation process;
  • suitable for both top and bottom pile driving;
  • can be equipped with an IHC FUNDEX CPE hydraulic impact hammer;
  • extensive data acquisition system available with possibility to MIQIP access.

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